Over the past two decades, technology has dramatically changed how we live, work, and play, while education has been largely left behind.  From mobile devices and cloud computing to wireless and cellular networks to apps, services, and social media, to digital tools, to the world’s information, to the Internet of ideas, to the Internet of Things, to the rich connections among the human nodes across the world and the democratization of things that used to be the sole domain of large corporations, the technological infrastructure that underpins our lives has given us more freedom, more power, and more agency in our modern, complex, connected world.  The companies that have led this revolution have tremendous insight and innovation to offer the field of education, both as developers of technology that can serve teaching and learning, and as role models demonstrating what skills, knowledge, and dispositions are required for modern work. We work with top technology leaders to develop strategic approaches to education markets and leadership positions in the service of education.

generic4 sepiaour work with technology leaders:

  • Strategic advice for placing technology in the service of education
  • Roadmapping of education technology trajectories against the evolution of education requirements in support of improved market positioning
  • Maximizing the impact of corporate investment in education
  • Supporting technology trials with schools, districts, or classrooms
  • White paper development exploring the potential impact (and potential pitfalls) of specific technologies on the education landscape
  • Education technology programs portfolio development
  • Community outreach
  • Ecosystem connection and cross-pollination

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