We work with innovators to develop strategies for the successful development and adoption of new products and services in the formal and informal education markets. Innovators face an uphill battle in the education market. Incremental, or sustaining innovations face stiff competition from incumbents who generally have significant advantages in terms of resources and expertise. Disruptive innovations have a difficult time getting a foothold in the education market since school systems aren’t able to compromise on any of its current high-end requirements even if it means missing out on what the disruptive innovation has to offer.  Fortunately for innovators, though, schools much more readily adopt new products and services that can be positioned as hybrid innovations serving both old and new market needs. This creates surprising and often counter-intuitive entry points to the market for those innovators who have the deep insights necessary to authentically serve teachers and learners.  Innovators can use these entry points and  insights to generate intriguing opportunities to eventually disrupt various aspects of the education market.


generic12 sepiaour work with innovators:

  • Reality checks
  • Strategic advice
  • Avoiding the pitfalls associated with innovation in the education technology space
  • Analysis of disruptive and sustaining innovation potential of new offerings
  • Road-mapping of new offerings against existing technology trajectories and education trends
  • Impact analysis and trade-offs among features and schedules
  • Pilot project design and implementation
  • Project management for rapid, iterative product development
  • Full software development services
  • Skating to where the money will be

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