Tablets, laptops, and even iPods and cell phones are becoming the gateways that connect students to their learning communities and to digital resources.  At the same time, Common Core and NGSS are driving standards intended to be fewer, deeper, and higher.  Educators are expected to incorporate the new trends and requirements while balancing the needs of students and expectations of parents.  With the new possibilities of connected and cross-disciplinary learning, all educators are placed in the front lines of innovation – setting the course for how to best serve students under rapidly changing circumstances.  We offer support to classrooms, buildings, and districts in navigating continual change.





Download our Free Report: Learning is Personal: Sotires of Android Use in the 5th Grade

Download our Free Report: Learning is Personal: Stories of Android Use in the 5th Grade

our work with educators:


  • Planning and executing mobile implementations
  • Setting goals and success metrics for mobile implementations
  • Using 1:1 mobile devices to increase student agency and ownership
  • Professional development for educators in teaching with mobile devices
  • Shifting to a culture of connected educators
  • Shifting to a self-organizing culture



  • Leading Without Rubrics
  • Got tablets!  Now what?


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